About Dar - Owner & Founder at DarBloBar

One of the top hair stylists in the UK, Dar has more than thirty years of experience in the industry. He is a talented hairdresser and also has great passion for hair designing that portrays his skill and creativity.

Dar has carved a niche for himself in the industry and his work is highly lauded by the world of media and fashion. He has offered his services to some of the biggest names in the fashion industry including BAFTA, Vogue and Tatler. Dar works with some of the renowned photographers in the industry like Alan Strutt and often collaborates with two of the leading beauty product experts and stylists- Armand Beasley and Annie Shah. This amazing team aims to provide top notch glamour services with ‘Dar Blo Bar’.

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Having established a name in the world of hair styling, Dar has received appreciation from far and wide. Renowned for beautifying celebrities and royalties, Dar is the most sought after hair expert in London. Apart from top class hair styling services, Dar’s salon also...

About Dar Blo Bar

The Blow bar will offer an express glamour service. The average time in the hot seat will be 30 minutes for a wash and style. We offer a mix and match menu to create your perfect style from nails to “Party and Purr” for both men and women. Come along in your lunch break,...

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Come and experience a unique world of hair styling with multiple hair styling services of Dar. Discover your hidden beauty with the range of hair styling services and ensure that your hair get nothing but the best. Choose your favourite package and hair style your way to...


Dar has in-depth knowledge and expertise in about hair styling and has carved his own niche in the industry! A top-notch stylish with A rated solution...

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